Pseudotumor cerebri in a Turkish boy with Fanconi anemia.

  title={Pseudotumor cerebri in a Turkish boy with Fanconi anemia.},
  author={Bet{\"u}l Tavil and Neslihan Karakurt and Ikbal Ok Bozkaya and Vildan Koşan Culha and Fatih Mehmet Azk and Bahattin Tunç},
  journal={Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology},
  volume={34 4},
Pseudotumor cerebri (PC) is a clinical syndrome characterized by increased intracranial pressure with a normal cerebrospinal fluid cell count and protein level in the absence of a space-occupying lesion or apparent obstruction to the cerebrospinal fluid pathway. Although PC is described in patients with various hematological diseases including iron… CONTINUE READING