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Pseudorandomness for Read-Once, Constant-Depth Circuits

  title={Pseudorandomness for Read-Once, Constant-Depth Circuits},
  author={Sitan Chen and T. Steinke and S. Vadhan},
For Boolean functions computed by read-once, depth-D circuits with unbounded fan-in over the de Morgan basis, we present an explicit pseudorandom generator with seed length ~ O(log D+1 n). The previous best seed length known for this model was ~ O(log D+4 n), obtained by Trevisan and Xue (CCC ‘13 ) for all of AC 0 (not just read-once). Our work makes use of Fourier analytic techniques for pseudorandomness introduced by Reingold, Steinke, and Vadhan (RANDOM ‘13 ) to show that the generator of… Expand
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