Pseudorandom Generators without the XOR Lemma (Abstract)

  title={Pseudorandom Generators without the XOR Lemma (Abstract)},
  author={Madhu Sudan and Luca Trevisan and Salil P. Vadhan},
  booktitle={IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity},
Impagliazzo and Wigderson [IW97] have recently shown that if there exists a decision problem solvable in time 2 and having circuit complexity2 (n) (for all but finitely manyn) thenP = BPP. This result is a culmination of a series of works showing connections between the existence of hard predicates and the existence of good pseudorandom generators. The construction of Impagliazzo and Wigderson goes through three phases of “hardness amplification” (a multivariate polynomial encoding, a first… CONTINUE READING