Pseudonocardia benzenivorans sp. nov.

  title={Pseudonocardia benzenivorans sp. nov.},
  author={Peter Kaempfer and Reiner M. Kroppenstedt},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={54 Pt 3},
A Gram-positive, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacterium (B5(T)) was isolated from an enrichment culture that contained 1,2,3,5-tetrachlorobenzene as the sole source of carbon. On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity studies, strain B5(T) was shown to belong to the family Pseudonocardiaceae and was related most closely to Pseudonocardia sulfidoxydans (98.8 %) and Pseudonocardia hydrocarbonoxydans (98.3 %). 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to other Pseudonocardia species was <97… CONTINUE READING

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