Pseudomonas maltophilia causing heroin-associated infective endocarditis.

  title={Pseudomonas maltophilia causing heroin-associated infective endocarditis.},
  author={Victor L. Yu and L W Rumans and Edward J. Wing and Rima McLeod and Fred Sattler and R{\'e}jane M. Harvey and Stanley C. Deresinski},
  journal={Archives of internal medicine},
  volume={138 11},
The association of Pseudomonas maltophilia endocarditis in three patients with recent history of intravenous drug abuse is reported. All three patients had abnormal heart valves (two prosthetic and one rheumatic). A prominent characteristic of this uncommon pathogen is its in vitro resistance to the commonly used antimicrobials. Cure was achieved in all three cases. In two cases, synergistic antibiotic combinations were used. In one case, plasmid-mediated resistance to amikacin sulfate (Amikan… CONTINUE READING

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