Pseudomedian Filter

  title={Pseudomedian Filter},
  author={William K. Pratt and Ted J. Cooper and Ihtisham Kabir},
  booktitle={Photonics West - Lasers and Applications in Science and Engineering},
This paper introduces a new image processing algorithm, called the pseudomedian filter, which is based on concepts of morphological image processing. The pseudomedian filter possesses many of the properties of the median filter, but it can be computed much more efficiently. Introduction The median filter has found significant application in the processing of multidimensional signals for noise reduction and signal enhancement [1 -3]. The principal drawback of median filtering is its… 

Morphological scale-space in image processing

Linear combinations of morphological operators: the midrange, pseudomedian, and LOCO filters

  • M. SchulzeJ. Pearce
  • Physics
    1993 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • 1993
It is shown how linear combinations of morphological operators can be formed to alleviate the bias introduced by the individual morphological operators. Since every morphological operator has a

Pseudo-median filter with enhancing impulse suppression

The improved pseudo-median filter algorithm with impulsive noise detecting and suppressing enhances the ability of impulse-attenuation and is a higher efficient alternative to median filter for the application in wireless sensor network.

Negative Weighted Repeated Pseudo-median Filter

In this paper, the Negative Weighted Repeated Pseudo-median Filter (NWRPM), a new method combined the characteristics of repeated median filter (RM), weighted median filter and pseudo-median filter

Fast and robust image processing algorithms based on approximations to order statistics

Strategies for how approximations to order statistics can be applied for developing robust and fast algorithms for image processing, especially visualization and segmentation are presented.

An Adaptive Variable Block for Median Filter

Experimental results show that the proposed adaptive variable block-based method gives a satisfactory result in terms of noise level and block size.

Continuous-time analysis of the response of the pseudomedian and related filters to periodic signals

A continuous time method is introduced to analyze the response of median, pseudomedian, average (mean), and midrange filters to certain periodic signals. The filter definitions are generalized to

Classification based on fast and robust approximations to order statistics

  • H. C. Palm
  • Computer Science
    Defense + Commercial Sensing
  • 2020
This paper extends the Median of medians method for estimating the covariance matrix and the mean vector, and discusses the strategy with respect to robustness and computational efficiency.

An efficient color image acquisition system for wireless handheld devices

  • Bei TangKing F. Lee
  • Computer Science
    2004 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
  • 2004
The paper presents a low-cost, low-power, and yet highly effective, color image acquisition system for wireless handheld devices such as cellular camera phones and PDAs that uses a novel vertex-centered color interpolation algorithm for parallel interpolation of groups of pixels within a window.

Hybrid system for automatic target recognition

A hybrid system is proposed for automatic target recognition that consists of an optical module and an electronic/computer module and experimental results involving special classes of target and their distribution in the features space are presented.