Pseudologia fantastica

  title={Pseudologia fantastica},
  author={Bob King and C V Ford},
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ABSTRACT— Pseudologia fantastica has not been reviewed in the English literature in over 50 years, but the term is still used, for example, among the diagnostic criteria for the Munchausen syndrome. Based upon a review of 72 cases of pseudologia fantastica collected from 26 reports since its initial description in 1891, pseudologia is distinguished from other types of lying. Pseudologia fantastica is typified by these characteristics: (1) the stories are not entirely improbable and are often… 
Psychopathology of perpetrators of fabricated or induced illness in children: case series
A chronic somatoform disorder or factitious disorder (or both) was detected in almost two-thirds of the participants and over half of the mothers exhibited pathological lying, in some dating from adolescence, and this often continued into adult life eventually involving the child in a web of deceit and abuse.
Pseudologia Fantastica and Gender Identity Disturbance in a Chinese Male
A Chinese patient with pathological lying (pseudologia fantastica) and gender identity disturbance is described. The stories “save face” and lack a truly self-aggrandising quality. The importance of
A Reverend's Tale: Too Tragic to Be True? after His Pregnant Fiancee Dies, Reverend R Is Strangely Jovial. He Dodges Efforts to Verify the Highly Implausible History He Reports. What's Going on Here?
Reverend R is admitted to a general surgical service for abdominal pain secondary to a recurring bowel obstruction and learns that his pregnant 24-year-old fiancee was struck and killed by a drunk driver as she was driving to visit him, and his emotions and conduct are unusual in response to the stress.
Commentary: getting at the truth about pathological lying.
  • D. Grubin
  • Psychology
    The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
  • 2005
Before forensic opinions regarding pathological lying can be given with confidence, more data is needed to help determine whether it is in fact a psychiatric entity, and if it is, about the physical and psychological characteristics that underpin it.
Made up by makeup--A case report about an exceptional kind of self-inflicted "injuries".
Pathological lying and tasks of psychological assessment
People with delusional disorder cannot be considered pathological liars even though they do not tell the truth, as lying is human behavior that can have its own normal and pathological forms of appearance.
Munchausen syndrome presenting in a patient who has undergone temporomandibular joint surgery.
A patients with Munchausen syndrome insist on and repeatedly undergo unnecessary investigations and operative treatments, and treatment consistently fails to alleviate the symptoms.
Pseudologica fantastica: herkenning en behandeling van pathologisch liegen
Kwalitatief is sprake van kleurrijke leugens in fantasierijke verhalen, vaak over heroïsche daden of ongewone gebeurtenissen, waarbij het liegen eerder een persoonlijkheidskenmerk dan een episodische ge beurtenis is.