Pseudohalobridged Pentafluorophenyl Gold-Palladium Complexes

  title={Pseudohalobridged Pentafluorophenyl Gold-Palladium Complexes},
  author={Rafael Us{\'o}n and Juan Forni{\'e}s and A Fergusson Laguna and J I Valenzuela},
Abstract The displacement of the tetrahydrothiophen group in PdR2(tht)2 or [PdR3(tht))− (R = C6F5) by cyano or thiocyanato gold(I) or gold(III) complexes leads to the formation of heteronuclear derivatives of the types [RAuXPdR2(tht)]− (or [RAuXPdR2(PPh3)]− after subsequent reaction with PPh3), [(RAuX)2PdR2]=, (R3AuXPdR2(tht)]−, [(R3AuSCN)2PdR2]=, [RAuCNPdR3]= or [R3AuSCNPdR3]=.