Pseudogenes of the human HPRT1 gene.

  title={Pseudogenes of the human HPRT1 gene.},
  author={Janice A. Nicklas},
  journal={Environmental and molecular mutagenesis},
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Entrez Gene lists four HPRT1 gene pseudogenes (HPRTP1, HPRTP2, HPRTP3, and HPRTP4) mapping to chromosomes 3, 5, 11q, and 11q, respectively, as originally reported by Patel et al. in 1984 (Patel PI, et al. 1984 Somat Cell Mol Genet 10:483-493). However, the Entrez Gene reports for three of the four pseudogenes (HPRTP1, HPRTP3, and HPRTP4) are currently empty. A BLAST search of both GenBank (Homo sapiens) and the human genome found the chromosome 5 associated HPRTP2 sequence and a single… CONTINUE READING