Pseudodiffusive transmission of nodal Dirac fermions through a clean d -wave superconductor

  title={Pseudodiffusive transmission of nodal Dirac fermions through a clean d -wave superconductor},
  author={J{\'a}nos K. Asb{\'o}th and A. Akhmerov and Andrei C. Berceanu and C. W. J. Beenakker},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We calculate the transmission of electrons and holes between two normal-metal (N) electrodes, separated over a distance $L$ by an impurity-free superconductor (S) with $d$-wave symmetry of the order parameter. Nodal lines of vanishing excitation gap form ballistic conduction channels for coupled electron-hole excitations, described by an anisotropic two-dimensional Dirac equation. We find that the transmitted electrical and thermal currents both have the pseudodiffusive $1/L$ scaling… 
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