• Medicine
  • Published 2003

Pseudoaneuryzma po iatrogenním postižení tepny - poznatky zangiochirurgického pracoviště

  title={Pseudoaneuryzma po iatrogenn{\'i}m posti{\vz}en{\'i} tepny - poznatky zangiochirurgick{\'e}ho pracovi{\vs}tě},
  author={Jiř{\'i} Podlaha and Jindřich Leypold and Petr Piska{\vc} and Miroslav Krej{\vc}{\'i} and Pavel Filkuka and Ivan Horň{\'a}{\vc}ek},
With advancing care of patients with cardiovascular diseases the number of invasive cardiological operations is increasing. Although effective methods are involved, these procedures are also associated with certain risks for the patient. From the aspect of vascular surgery the most frequent complications include iatrogenic pseudoaneurysms and extensive haematomas. The objective of the present work is to evaluate the development of the number of pseudoaneurysms which occurred after puncture of… CONTINUE READING