Pseudoaneurysm in children: diagnosis and interventional management

  title={Pseudoaneurysm in children: diagnosis and interventional management},
  author={Daniel J. Pelchovitz and Ann Marie Cahill and Kevin M. Baskin and Robin D. Kaye and Richard B. Towbin},
  journal={Pediatric Radiology},
Pseudoaneurysms (PAn) are uncommon in adults and even less common in children. They are most often encountered after iatrogenic arterial injury. Presentation may be substantially delayed after the iatrogenic event, and diagnosis can be difficult, especially when the PAn occurs in an unexpected location. Treatment of PAn has evolved during the last two decades from a reliance on surgical resection to US-guided compression, coil embolization, covered stents, and stent-graft exclusion. More… CONTINUE READING