Pseudoamphicteis sinensis sp. nov., a new species of Ampharetidae (Polychaeta) from China.

  title={Pseudoamphicteis sinensis sp. nov., a new species of Ampharetidae (Polychaeta) from China.},
  author={J. Sui and X. Li},
  volume={3872 4},
A new species of the ampharetid genus Pseudoamphicteis, P. sinensis sp. nov., is described based on material deposited in the Marine Biological Museum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Qingdao). The new species is widely distributed from depths of 7-103 m in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. It is distinguished from the only other known species of this genus Pseudoamphicteis papillosa Hutchings, 1977 by its grooved branchiae. The genus has not previously been reported from China.  
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