Pseudoainhum of the toe with underlying chronic lower-limb ischemia.


BACKGROUND Ainhum and pseudoainhum are the conditions identified by the presence of a constriction band, usually over the extremities. CASE DETAILS We report a case of pseudoainhum in a Caucasian female with underlying chronic lower limb peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The management of pseudoainhum in patients with PAD is discussed. CONCLUSION Revascularization of the limb should be considered in the management of patients with pseudoainhum when it is associated with severe PAD. Improved tissue perfusion prevents further ischemia and reduces the risk of developing nonhealing ulcers.

DOI: 10.1177/1534734611409369

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@article{Dasari2011PseudoainhumOT, title={Pseudoainhum of the toe with underlying chronic lower-limb ischemia.}, author={Bobby V. M. Dasari and Anthony McBrearty and Louis L Lau and Bernard T Lee}, journal={The international journal of lower extremity wounds}, year={2011}, volume={10 2}, pages={96-7} }