Pseudo-vector control - An alternative approach for brushless DC motor drives

  title={Pseudo-vector control - An alternative approach for brushless DC motor drives},
  author={Cao-Minh Ta},
  journal={2011 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC)},
  • Cao-Minh Ta
  • Published 2011 in
    2011 IEEE International Electric Machines…
This paper provides an alternative approach called “Pseudo-Vector Control” (PVC) to reduce torque ripple in Square-wave PM Motors (BLDC motor). Instead of conventional square-wave form, the method uses the principle of vector control to optimally design the wave-form of reference current in such a way that the torque ripple is minimal. The currents are however still regulated in phase current control manner. The proposed PVC has 2 majors advantages: a) the torque ripple is greatly reduced, and… CONTINUE READING
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