Pseudo-prolines (psi Pro) for accessing "inaccessible" peptides.

  title={Pseudo-prolines (psi Pro) for accessing "inaccessible" peptides.},
  author={Manfred Mutter and Adel Nefzi and Tsuyoshi Sato and Xuejing Sun and Fabian Wahl and T W{\"o}hr},
  journal={Peptide research},
  volume={8 3},
Pseudo-prolines (psi Pro) are introduced as a temporary protection technique for serine, threonine and cysteine side chains in standard Fmoc/tBu solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). The incorporation of these novel building blocks into a growing peptide chain proceeds by means of the coupling of preformed, suitably protected psi Pro dipeptides. For the example of representative model peptides used in protein de novo design, the potential of psi Pro to solubilize otherwise sparingly or… CONTINUE READING

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