Pseudo-dermal sinus tract or spinal dermal-sinus-like stalk?

  title={Pseudo-dermal sinus tract or spinal dermal-sinus-like stalk?},
  author={E Cornips and Jacobine Weber and Johan Sh Vles and Jasper van Aalst},
  booktitle={Child's Nervous System},
Dear Editor, We read with great interest the paper “Spinal dermal sinus and pseudo-dermal sinus tracts: two different entities” by Martinez-Lage et al. [1]. In fact, the term “sinus” may be used for (chronically) infected tracts connecting a deepseated infection to the skin, and discharging pus to the surface, except for those tracts connecting two epithelialized surfaces, which are called “fistula”. A spinal dermal sinus (DS) is a developmental anomaly of the dorsal midline axis, in which a… CONTINUE READING


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