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Pseudo-K\"ahler geometry of properly convex projective structures on the torus

  title={Pseudo-K\"ahler geometry of properly convex projective structures on the torus},
  author={Nicholas Rungi and Andrea Tamburelli},
In this paper we prove the existence of a pseudo-Kähler structure on the deformation space B0pT q of properly convex RP-structures over the torus. In particular, the pseudo-Riemannian metric and the symplectic form are compatible with the complex structure inherited from the identification of B0pT q with the complement of the zero section of the total space of the bundle of cubic holomorphic differentials over the Teichmüller space. We show that the S-action on B0pT q, given by rotation of the… 

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he deformation space t(E) of convex Rp2_ structures on a closed surface Y with X(z) 1 and ir = 7r1 (X) its fundamental group. A convex IRP2-structure on M is a representation (uniformization) of M as

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