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Przywry ukladu pokarmowego ptakow [nadrodzina Diplostomoidea] z jezior mazurskich

  title={Przywry ukladu pokarmowego ptakow [nadrodzina Diplostomoidea] z jezior mazurskich},
  author={T. Sulgostowska},
[Enteric helminths of the mallard Anas platyrhynchos L., 1758 in the north-western part of Poland].
The studies have revealed that the parasitic community of this host in the north-west part of Poland is relatively complex, composed of 51 species of helminths of four systematic groups: 16 digenean species, 23 tapeworms, 9 nematodes, and 3 acanthocephalans. Expand
[Helminthofauna of the goosander Mergus merganser L., 1758 from the north-western Poland].
A preliminary parasitological examination of the digestive tract of the goosander wintering on the Szczecin Lagoon detected a total of 1596 parasitic worms, characterized by considerable topical specificity, probably resulting from the feeding preferences of the worms. Expand