Prulifloxacin: a new antibacterial fluoroquinolone.

  title={Prulifloxacin: a new antibacterial fluoroquinolone.},
  author={Guillem Prats and Vilma Rossi and Enrica Salvatori and Beatriz Mirelis},
  journal={Expert review of anti-infective therapy},
  volume={4 1},
In the last few years, the antimicrobial activity, efficacy and relative safety of fluoroquinolones have made them attractive for the treatment of community-acquired and nosocomial infections. Prulifloxacin is a new fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and -negative bacteria. Prulifloxacin is available for oral use, and after absorption is metabolized in to the active form, ulifloxacin. It exhibits good penetration in target tissues and a… CONTINUE READING