Proximity effect correction for reticle fabrication

  title={Proximity effect correction for reticle fabrication},
  author={Takashi Kamikubo and Tokufumi Abe and Susumu Oogi and Hirohito Anze and Mitsuko Shimizu and Masamitsu Itoh and Tetsuro Nakasugi and Tomohiro Iijima and Yoshiaki Hattori},
  booktitle={Photomask and Next Generation Lithography Mask Technology},
Proximity effect correction is a key technology for fabricating reticles by electron beam writing systems. To write patterns of 1 Gbit or higher-capacity DRAMs, the dimensional accuracy required for the correction is better than about 10 nm. Conventional methods do not have sufficient accuracy at the position where pattern density changes sharply. We propose a new correction method with higher accuracy for various patterns and show that we can achieve corrections accurate to about 5 nm.