Proximity-effect – assisted decay of spin currents in superconductors

  title={Proximity-effect – assisted decay of spin currents in superconductors},
  author={Jan Petter Morten and Arne Brataas and Gerrit E W Bauer and Wolfgang Belzig and Y. Tserkovnyak},
The injection of pure spin current into superconductors by the dynamics of a ferromagnetic contact is studied theoretically. Taking into account the suppression of the order parameter at the interfaces (inverse proximity effect) and the energy-dependence of spin-flip scattering, we determine the temperature-dependent ferromagnetic resonance linewidth broadening. Our results compare well with recent experiments in Nb|permalloy bilayers (Bell C. et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., 100 (2008) 047002… CONTINUE READING

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