Proximity-dependent initiation of hybridization chain reaction

  title={Proximity-dependent initiation of hybridization chain reaction},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Koos and Ga{\"e}lle Cane and Karin Grannas and Liza L{\"o}f and Linda Arng{\aa}rden and Johan Heldin and Carl-Magnus Clausson and Axel Klaesson and Maija Hirvonen and Felipe M S de Oliveira and Vladimir O Talibov and Nhan Thi Pham and Manfred Auer and U Helena Danielson and Johannes Haybaeck and Masood Kamali-Moghaddam and Ola S{\"o}derberg},
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Sensitive detection of protein interactions and post-translational modifications of native proteins is a challenge for research and diagnostic purposes. A method for this, which could be used in point-of-care devices and high-throughput screening, should be reliable, cost effective and robust. To achieve this, here we design a method (proxHCR) that combines… CONTINUE READING