Proximal tubal disease: the place for tubal cannulation.

  title={Proximal tubal disease: the place for tubal cannulation.},
  author={Sangeeta Das and Luciano Giovanni Nardo and Mourad M W Seif},
  journal={Reproductive biomedicine online},
  volume={15 4},
Tubal disease is the cause of subfertility in approximately 30% of women, and 10-25% of these are due to proximal tubal obstruction. False-positive diagnosis of proximal tubal obstruction can be as high as 50%. A decrease in expertise in tubal microsurgery has resulted largely from the use of IVF as the treatment option for most causes of infertility and more specifically for tubal factor infertility. Selective salpingography and tubal cannulation have a unique role in the management of tubal… CONTINUE READING