Proximal row carpectomy with or without postoperative immobilisation.

  title={Proximal row carpectomy with or without postoperative immobilisation.},
  author={Ruben Jacobs and Ilse Degreef and Luc de Smet},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery, European volume},
  volume={33 6},
Previously published reports have shown good results after proximal row carpectomy in all cases that had a postoperative immobilisation period from 1 to 4 weeks. Immobilisation is thought to be necessary because of the risk of postoperative subluxation of the carpus and for pain relief. There is, however, no evidence of its value. The results in 13 patients who underwent proximal row carpectomy without postoperative immobilisation were compared with those in 25 patients who underwent proximal… CONTINUE READING

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