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Proximal Operators for Multi-Agent Path Planning

  title={Proximal Operators for Multi-Agent Path Planning},
  author={Jos{\'e} Bento and Nate Derbinsky and C. Mathy and Jonathan S. Yedidia},
  • José Bento, Nate Derbinsky, +1 author Jonathan S. Yedidia
  • Published in AAAI 2015
  • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics
  • We address the problem of planning collision-free paths for multiple agents using optimization methods known as proximal algorithms. Recently this approach was explored in Bento et al. 2013, which demonstrated its ease of parallelization and decentralization, the speed with which the algorithms generate good quality solutions, and its ability to incorporate different proximal operators, each ensuring that paths satisfy a desired property. Unfortunately, the operators derived only apply to paths… CONTINUE READING
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