Proving correctness of compiler optimizations by temporal logic

  title={Proving correctness of compiler optimizations by temporal logic},
  author={David Lacey and Neil D. Jones and Eric Van Wyk and Carl Christian Frederiksen},
Many classical compiler optimizations can be elegantly expressed using rewrite rules of form: <i>I</i> ⇒ <i>I</i>′ if <i>&phis;</i>, where <i>I</i>, <i>I</i>′ are intermediate language instructions and <i>&phis;</i> is a property expressed in a temporal logic suitable for describing program data flow. Its reading: If the current program π contains an instruction of form <i>I</i> at some control point <i>p</i>, and if flow condition <i>&phis;</i> is satisfied at <i>p</i>, then replace <i>I</i… CONTINUE READING
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