Proving Safety Properties of Rewrite Theories


Rewriting logic theories are a general and expressive way of specifying concurrent systems, where states are axiomatized by equations and transitions among states are axiomatized by rewrite rules. In this paper, we present a transfor-mational and reductionistic deductive approach for verifying safety properties of rewrite theories. In our approach all formal temporal reasoning about concurrent transitions is ultimately reduced to purely equational inductive reasoning. Narrowing modulo axioms is extensively used to simplify the equational proof obligations to which all proofs of safety formulas are ultimately reached. This allows these generic verification methods to take advantage of the existing wealth of equational reasoning techniques and tools already available. We report on the implementation of this deductive system in the Maude Invariant Analyzer tool, which provides a substantial degree of automation and can automatically discharge many proof obligations without user intervention. By now we all know that programming is as hard or as easy as proving a theorem ... We have to let the symbols do the work, for that is the only known technique that scales up.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-22944-2_22

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