Proving Isomorphism of First-Order Logic Proof Systems in HOL

  title={Proving Isomorphism of First-Order Logic Proof Systems in HOL},
  author={Anna Mikhajlova and Joakim von Wright},
We prove in HOL that three proof systems for classical first-order predicate logic, the Hilbertian axiomatization, the system of natural deduction, and a variant of sequent calculus, are isomorphic. The isomorphism is in the sense that provability of a conclusion from hypotheses in one of these proof systems is equivalent to provability of this conclusion from the same hypotheses in the others. Proving isomorphism of these three proof systems allows us to guarantee that meta-logical provability… 
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Contents: Introduction Propositional Logic Predicate Logic Completeness and Applications Second Order Logic Intuitionistic Logic Normalisation.
Introduction to HOL: A the- orem proving environment for higher order logic
  • 1993