Providing medical care for children

  • Published 2006


SIR,-David Hull has produced a masterly overview of the problems facing the medical services for children in this country.' Throughout his article he clearly promotes the principles of partnership with parents and cooperation between professionals involved in the care of children which underpin the Children Act 1989. We are therefore concerned that his comments concerning the concept of 'children in need' as found in the Children Act might lead to some misunderstanding among paediatricians. The act states 'a child shall be taken to be in need if: (a) he is unlikely to achieve or maintain . .. a reasonable standard of health or development without the provision for him of services by a local authority, (b) his health or development is likely to be significantly impaired ... without such services OR (not and) (c) he is disabled'. Thus all disabled children are by definition children in need within the terms of the act, whatever the ability of their parents and entitled to the services provided under part III and schedule 2. All will be eligible for inclusion on the register of disabled children that the local authority will be obliged to set

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