Proventricular glands in fowl.

  title={Proventricular glands in fowl.},
  author={Masato Imai and Toshikatsu Shibata and Keiichi Moriguchi and Masahiro Yamamoto and Hiroko Hayama},
  journal={Okajimas folia anatomica Japonica},
  volume={68 2-3},
Some researchers have already described the fowl proventriculus. However, we believed there was a need for detailed carbohydrate histochemical investigations on the same glands. Moreover, some researchers had erred about the lamina muscularis mucosae. The results of these investigations are as follows. 1. The proventricular glands consist of both superficial and profound gastric glands. 2. The superficial glands are distributed in the lamina propria mucosae while the profound glands exist in… CONTINUE READING