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Provability Logic: models within models in Peano Arithmetic

  title={Provability Logic: models within models in Peano Arithmetic},
  author={Alessandro Berarducci and Marcello Mamino},
In 1994 Jech gave a model-theoretic proof of Gödel’s second incompleteness theorem for Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory in the following form: ZF does not prove that ZF has a model. Kotlarski showed that Jech’s proof can be adapted to Peano Arithmetic with the role of models being taken by complete consistent extensions. In this note we take another step in the direction of replacing proof-theoretic by model-theoretic arguments. We show, without passing through the arithmetized completeness theorem… Expand


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This note presents a solution of the previous problem with respect to the system Z μ, and, more generally, to any system whose set of theorems is closed under the rules of inference of the first order predicate calculus, and satisfies the subsequent five conditions, and in which the function ( k, l ) used below is definable. Expand
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A Model–Theoretic Approach to Proof Theory
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