ProvManager: a provenance management system for scientific workflows

  title={ProvManager: a provenance management system for scientific workflows},
  author={Anderson Marinho and Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta and Cl{\'a}udia Maria Lima Werner and Vanessa Braganholo and S{\'e}rgio Manuel Serra da Cruz and Eduardo S. Ogasawara and Marta Mattoso},
  journal={Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience},
Running scientific workflows in distributed and heterogeneous environments has been a motivating approach for provenance management, which is loosely coupled to the workflow execution engine. This kind of approach is interesting because it allows both storage and access to provenance data in a homogeneous way, even in an environment where different workflow management systems work together. However, current approaches overload scientists with many ad hoc tasks, such as script adaptations and… CONTINUE READING
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