Protonation of the human PIEZO1 ion channel stabilizes inactivation.

  title={Protonation of the human PIEZO1 ion channel stabilizes inactivation.},
  author={Chilman Bae and Frederick Sachs and Philip A Gottlieb},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={290 8},
PIEZO1 is a recently cloned eukaryotic cation-selective channel that opens with mechanical force. We found that extracellular protonation inhibits channel activation by ≈90% by increased occupancy in the closed or the inactivated state. Titration between pH 6.3 and 8.3 exhibited a pK of ≈6.9. The steepness of the titration data suggests positive cooperativity, implying the involvement of at least two protonation sites. Whole-cell recordings yielded results similar to patches, and pH 6.5 reduced… CONTINUE READING

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