Protonation equilibria and solubility of l-cystine.

  title={Protonation equilibria and solubility of l-cystine.},
  author={Fabrizio Apruzzese and Emilio Bottari and Maria Rosa Festa},
  volume={56 3},
l-Cystine is the natural least soluble of the naturally occurring amino acids. Its solubility is a function of the hydrogen ion concentration depending on its protonation. This paper presents an investigation on properties of l-cystine in a constant ionic medium of NaCl at different concentrations (3.00,2.00,1.00,0.500,0.150 mol dm(-3)) and at 25 degrees C. In such experimental conditions, solubility and its changes as a function of hydrogen ion concentration were determined. Protonation of… CONTINUE READING

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