Proton pump inhibitors: actions and reactions.

  title={Proton pump inhibitors: actions and reactions.},
  author={James M Mullin and Melissa Gabello and Lisa J. Murray and Christopher P. Farrell and Jillan Bellows and Kevin R Wolov and Keith R Kearney and David S. Rudolph and James J. Thornton},
  journal={Drug discovery today},
  volume={14 13-14},
Proton pump inhibitors are the second most commonly prescribed drug class in the United States. The increased utilization of PPIs parallels the rising incidence of reflux disease. Owing to their clinical efficacy and relative lack of tachyphylaxis, PPIs have largely displaced H-2 receptor antagonists in the treatment of acid peptic disorders. The elevation of intragastric pH and subsequent alterations of gastric physiology induced by PPIs may yield undesired effects within the upper GI tract… CONTINUE READING

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