Proton-proton Cross Section at sqrt(s) \sim 30 TeV

  title={Proton-proton Cross Section at sqrt(s) \sim 30 TeV},
  author={R. Engel and Thomas K. Gaisser and Paolo Lipari and Todor Stanev Bartol Research Institute and Newark and Usa Dipt. di Fisica and Infn and I Univ.Roma and Italy.},
  • R. Engel, Thomas K. Gaisser, +6 authors Italy.
  • Published 1998
  • Physics
  • There are both theoretical and experimental uncertainties in using data from cosmic-ray air showers to estimate hadronic cross sections above accelerator energies. We outline these problems and compare the physics used to extract \sigma_{pp}^{tot} from air shower data to the widely used parameterization of the proton-proton cross section of Donnachie and Landshoff and other contemporary models. We conclude that the published cosmic-ray cross section values do not strongly constrain \sigma_{pp… CONTINUE READING

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