Proton permeability of liposomes from natural phospholipid mixtures.

  title={Proton permeability of liposomes from natural phospholipid mixtures.},
  author={Michel Rossignol and Pierre Thomas and Claude Grignon},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={684 2},
A method to determine the proton permeability coefficient of phospholipid membrane with the fluorescent probe pyranine is described. Very high proton permeability coefficients of liposomes from natural extracts are measured with great accuracy. The proton permeability appears to be linearly related to the fluidity of the bilayers. This relation as well as the comparison of the activation energies of proton permeability and fluidity support the hypothesis (Nichols J.W. and Deamer D.W. (1980… CONTINUE READING

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