Proton pathways and H+/Cl- stoichiometry in bacterial chloride transporters.

  title={Proton pathways and H+/Cl- stoichiometry in bacterial chloride transporters.},
  author={Zhifeng Kuang and Uma Mahankali and Thomas L. Beck},
  volume={68 1},
H+/Cl- antiport behavior has recently been observed in bacterial chloride channel homologs and eukaryotic CLC-family proteins. The detailed molecular-level mechanism driving the stoichiometric exchange is unknown. In the bacterial structure, experiments and modeling studies have identified two acidic residues, E148 and E203, as key sites along the proton pathway. The E148 residue is a major component of the fast gate, and it occupies a site crucial for both H+ and Cl- transport. E203 is located… CONTINUE READING

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