Proton distributions in $dp$ dielectron production within Regge theory

  title={Proton distributions in \$dp\$ dielectron production within Regge theory},
  author={A.P.Jerusalimov and G.I.Lykasov},
The processes of dielectron production in deuteron-proton collisions at intermediate incident deuteron beam energies are analyzed in the spectator model within the one-pion exchange reggeized approach. We focus mainly on the momentum and angle distributions of the proton-spectator and the proton emitted in quasi-free NN processes at small angles in the laboratory frame. It is shown that the inclusion of many channels in quasi-free NN interaction allows us to describe the HADES data quite… 

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An introduction to Regge theory and high-energy physics
Originally published in 1977, this book presents an extended introduction to the theory of hadrons, the elementary particles which occur in the atomic nucleus. The main emphasis is on the theory of
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Production of electron-positron pairs in quasi-free n-p collisions
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