Proton Radiographs Using Position-Sensitive Silicon Detectors and High-Resolution Scintillators

  title={Proton Radiographs Using Position-Sensitive Silicon Detectors and High-Resolution Scintillators},
  author={J. A. Briz and A. N. Nerio and Cristina Ballesteros and M. J. G. Borge and Pedro J. Mart'inez and A. Perea and V. G. T'avora and O. Tengblad and M. Ciemała and A. Maj and Paweł Olko and W. Parol and Anna Pedracka and B. Sowicki and M. Zieblinski and E. N{\'a}cher},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
  • J. Briz, A. N. Nerio, E. Nácher
  • Published 16 November 2021
  • Medicine, Physics, Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Proton therapy is a cancer treatment technique currently in growth since it offers advantages with respect to conventional X-ray and $\gamma $ -ray radiotherapy. In particular, better control of the dose deposition allowing to reach higher conformity in the treatments causing less secondary effects. However, in order to take full advantage of its potential, improvements in treatment planning and dose verification are required. A new prototype of proton computed tomography scanner is proposed to… 



A prototype of pCT scanner: first tests

The substitution of the currently used X-ray Computed Tomography (xCT) by proton ComputedTomography (pCT) in the design of treatment plans would allow for a reduction in proton range uncertainties and make possible an important improvement in the accuracy and precision of treatment Plans.

Review of medical radiography and tomography with proton beams

  • Robert P. Johnson
  • Physics, Medicine
    Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society
  • 2018
This review introduces hadron therapy and the perceived advantages of pCT and proton radiography for treatment planning, reviews its historical development, and discusses the physics related to proton imaging.

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