Proton MR spectroscopy in mild traumatic brain injury

  title={Proton MR spectroscopy in mild traumatic brain injury},
  author={Bożena Kubas and Wojciech J Łebkowski and Urszula Maria Łebkowska and Wojciech Kułak and Eugeniusz Taras{\'o}w and Jerzy Michał Walecki},
  booktitle={Polish journal of radiology},
BACKGROUND To assess the role of 1H MRS in the detection of changes in cerebral metabolite levels in pyramidal tracts after mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and to compare metabolite alterations to the clinical status (Glasgow Coma Scale). MATERIAL/METHODS Study group consisted of 25 patients after mild traumatic brain injury, with a score of 11 to 15 in GCS. The MR studies were performed with a 1.5 T scanner. The results of spectra approximation (presented as metabolite ratios: NAA/Cr, NAA… CONTINUE READING