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Protocols for Scholarly Communication

  title={Protocols for Scholarly Communication},
  author={Alberto Pepe and Joanne Yeomans},
CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has operated an institutional preprint repository for more than 10 years. The repository contains over 850,000 records of which more than 450,000 are full-text OA preprints, mostly in the field of particle physics, and it is integrated with the library's holdings of books, conference proceedings, journals and other grey literature. In order to encourage effective propagation and open access to scholarly material, CERN is implementing a range… 

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Human-competitive automatic topic indexing

This thesis shows how to generate topics automatically in a way that competes with human performance, and claims that the algorithm is “human-competitive” because it chooses topics that are as consistent with those assigned by humans as their topics are with each other.

A Semantic Approach for the Annotation of Figures: Application to High-Energy Physics

This work proposes an application HEP Figures Ontology (HFO), based on existing ontologies, for the annotation of scientific figures in a semantic triplestore based on the HFO model, and compares them with traditional digital library systems.

Using metadata formats and AGROVOC thesaurus for data description in the agrarian sector.

The paper deals with a general solution of semantic description related to various electronic data formats in the domains of agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, food industry, environment, horticulture and rural areas based on the VOA3R metadata application profile.

Investigating keyphrase indexing with text denoising

Experimental findings show that against a gold standard, the denoised-text-trained indexer indexing full texts, performs either better than or as good as its benchmark performance produced by a full- Text Denoised Indexer, Maui, when paired with a text extraction procedure called text denoising.

Management of Scientific Images: an approach to the extraction, annotation and retrieval of figures in the field of High Energy Physics

Las bibliotecas digitales se situan en una posicion especial dentro of los sistemas que facilitan el acceso al conocimiento, permitiendo que los investigadores puedan obtener el maximo beneficio a la hora of realizar busquedas y revisiones de bibliografia existente.



From Fulltext Documents to Structured Citations: CERN's Automated Solution

The specific work done within a collaboration between CERN, Geneva University and the University of Sunderland in order to successfully achieve the automated acquisition of structured citations from fulltext documents is focused on.

Mapping the structure of science through usage

Results indicate that meaningful maps of the interests of a local scientific community can be derived from usage data, and a comparison to maps resulting from the analysis of 2003 Thomson ISI Journal Citation Report data reveals interesting differences between the features of local usage and global citation data.

European Organization for Nuclear Research

Expressions are derived for the average fraction of events that will be stored (i.e. not lost) when completely random events (i.e. with exponentially distributed interarrival times) are fed through a

Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

CERN's Open Access e-print coverage in 2006: three quarters full and counting, HEP Libraries Webzine

  • CERN's Open Access e-print coverage in 2006: three quarters full and counting, HEP Libraries Webzine
  • 2006

Taxonomy-based automatic document classification

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CERN's Open Access e-print coverage in 2006: three quarters full and counting

  • HEP Libraries Webzine
  • 2006

, Operational Circular No . 6 Yeomans , J . 2006 , CERN ’ s Open Access eprint coverage in 2006 : three quarters full and counting , HEP Libraries Webzine , 12 , 2

  • Taxonomy - based automatic document classification
  • 2001