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Protocol for a Study of the Effect of Surface Mining in Central Appalachia on Adverse Birth Outcomes

  title={Protocol for a Study of the Effect of Surface Mining in Central Appalachia on Adverse Birth Outcomes},
  author={Dylan S. Small and Dan Firth and Luke J. Keele and Matthew Huber and Molly R Passarella and Scott A. Lorch and Heather H. Burris},
  journal={arXiv: Applications},
Surface mining has become a major method of coal mining in Central Appalachia alongside the traditional underground mining. Concerns have been raised about the health effects of this surface mining, particularly mountaintop removal mining where coal is mined upon steep mountaintops by removing the mountaintop through clearcutting forests and explosives. We have designed a matched observational study to assess the effects of surface mining in Central Appalachia on adverse birth outcomes. This… 


Systematic review of community health impacts of mountaintop removal mining.
Chronic cardiovascular disease mortality in mountaintop mining areas of central Appalachian states.
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    The Journal of rural health : official journal of the American Rural Health Association and the National Rural Health Care Association
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MTM activity is significantly associated with elevated chronic CVD mortality rates and the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of MTM on health to reduce health disparities in rural coal mining areas are examined.
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