Protocol for Counterfactually Transporting an Unknown Qubit

  title={Protocol for Counterfactually Transporting an Unknown Qubit},
  author={Hatim Salih},
  journal={Frontiers in Physics},
  • Hatim Salih
  • Published 8 April 2014
  • Physics
  • Frontiers in Physics
Quantum teleportation circumvents the uncertainty principle using dual channels: a quantum one consisting of previously-shared entanglement, and a classical one, together allowing the disembodied transport of an unknown quantum state over distance. It has recently been shown that a classical bit can be counterfactually communicated between two parties in empty space, “Alice” and “Bob”. Here, by using our “dual” version of the chained quantum Zeno effect to achieve a counterfactual CNOT gate, we… 

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