Protocol biopsy-driven interventions after pediatric renal transplantation.

  title={Protocol biopsy-driven interventions after pediatric renal transplantation.},
  author={Nele Kirsten Kanzelmeyer and Thurid Ahlenstiel and Jens Drube and Kerstin Froede and Martin Kreuzer and Verena Broecker and JochenH. H. Ehrich and Anette Melk and Lars Pape},
  journal={Pediatric transplantation},
  volume={14 8},
The therapeutic value of protocol biopsies (PBs) in renal transplant recipients remains unclear. We performed protocol biopsies in 57 children six months after transplantation. We increased the CNI dose in patients with borderline findings. In cases of Banff grade Ia, six prednisolone IV-pulses were given and the CNI dose was increased. CNI toxicity and polyomavirus nephropathy led to a reduction in the CNI dose. GFR was compared with a control group of 51 children with no PBs transplanted in… CONTINUE READING

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