Proteopedia entry: Coiled‐coil structure of keratins

  title={Proteopedia entry: Coiled‐coil structure of keratins},
  author={Israel Hanukoglu and L. Ezra},
  journal={Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education},
  • Israel Hanukoglu, L. Ezra
  • Published 2014
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education
  • Type I and type II keratins represent a large family of proteins that are encoded by 54 genes in the human genome. Matched pairs of these keratins form heterodimers that constitute the basic building blocks of cytoskeletal intermediate filaments and epidermal derivatives of hair, nail and horn. Keratins have an important place in the history of the elucidation of protein structure as in 1951, Pauling et al. suggested the first model for a-helix structure for wool a-keratins, in the absence of… CONTINUE READING
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