Proteomics of Orbital Tissue in Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy.

  title={Proteomics of Orbital Tissue in Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy.},
  author={Nina Matheis and Mikael Lantz and Franz Herman Grus and Katharina A. Ponto and Dirk Wolters and H{\aa}kan Damstra Brorson and Tereza Planck and Bushra Shahida and Susanne Pitz and Norbert Pfeiffer and G J Kahaly},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={100 12},
CONTEXT A potentially altered protein expression profile in orbital tissue from patients with thyroid-associated orbitopathy (TAO) is suspected. OBJECTIVE To detect for the first time changes in proteomic patterns of orbital connective tissue in TAO and compare these with control tissue using mass spectrometry. DESIGN Proteomics cross-sectional, comparative study. SETTING Two academic endocrine institutions. SAMPLES A total of 64 orbital and peripheral adipose tissue samples were… CONTINUE READING