Proteomics in studying cancer stem cell biology.

  title={Proteomics in studying cancer stem cell biology.},
  author={Onno W. Kranenburg and Benjamin Lucas Emmink and Jaco C. Knol and Winan J. van Houdt and I. H. M. Borel Rinkes and Connie R. Jimenez},
  journal={Expert review of proteomics},
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Normal multipotent tissue stem cells (SCs) are the driving force behind tissue turnover and repair. The cancer stem cell theory holds that tumors also contain stem-like cells that drive tumor growth and metastasis formation. However, very little is known about the regulation of SC maintenance pathways in cancer and how these are affected by cancer-specific genetic alterations and by treatment. Proteomics is emerging as a powerful tool to identify the signaling complexes and pathways that… CONTINUE READING