Proteomics analysis of human amniotic fluid.

  title={Proteomics analysis of human amniotic fluid.},
  author={C J Cho and Shannon J C Shan and Elizabeth J T Winsor and Eleftherios P Diamandis},
  journal={Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP},
  volume={6 8},
Amniotic fluid is a dynamic and complex mixture that reflects the physiological status of the developing fetus. In this study, the human amniotic fluid (AF) proteome of a 16-18-week normal pregnancy was profiled and analyzed to investigate the composition and functions of this fluid. Due to the complexity of AF, we utilized three different fractionation strategies to provide greater coverage. Two types of two-dimensional LC/MS/MS as well as an LC-SDS-PAGE-LC-MS/MS platform were used. A total of… CONTINUE READING